Certified and high quality products

  • A clean label

    Regularly our labour provide our client with our custom service, so that they can replace the food supplements in their products with natural supplements which have the same technological functions.

  • 100% natural ingredients

    A highly specialisation in the production of functional extracts and flavourings. For each extract we have a special protocol which goes from the very first steps until the final analysis, the quality check.

  • Analytics

    From the very beginning our strength layed in our passion and competences in the analytical field. Our Labs have top equipment with the newest technology and we cooperate actively with external certified labours.

  • Research and application center

    Inside our company and separated from our other labs, we have activated a new laboratory, which is specialized in the application of aromas and in the development of recipes and preparation processes for the food and nutraceutical industry.

  • Personalized assistance

    Our company offers our clients a custom service not only during the aromatisation process but also along the development and the production of the product with the possibility to visit the production site.

  • A big family

    Sterling Aromi S.r.l. (limited liability company) is a company of the S.N.I.F.F. Italia S.p.a. Group which includes also the Sterling Italia S.p.a. (joint-stock company) with headquarters in Solomeo, Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd. and Sterling USA Corporation seated in New York City.


The range of products offered by Sterling Aromi includes aromas, extracts and semi-finished liquids or powders which can be used in the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. The news technologies and highly innovative production processes enable our company to maintain a high flexibility in the production and to respond right away to the specific needs of our clients.